Calling all adventure-seekers!

Hello there!

Has your spring sprung yet? It is springing in Washington. Lilies are popping up everywhere and buds are filling in the bare branches. I enjoy this season so much here in Washington, after a full three months of winter. I was born and raised in California where I never experienced long winters, so the contrast is nice. 

I am writing to you to let you know about an adventure I am about to begin, and to ask if you'd like to come along? if you like to read adventure stories, then you might enjoy this.

My kids inspire me all the time. I enjoy making up bedtime stories and leaving them with cliff hangers. Okay, well, I used to enjoy that. They are getting too old for bedtime stories by mom nowadays. Now they prefer reading books to themselves and they only want me to make up stories when we are sitting around a campfire. Ahhh, well!

I have two boys and two girls. The oldest of my two daughters was eleven when I decided to write a book that would be for kids her age. The book is almost finished.  It just needs to be tested out!  This is where you could come in....would you like to be one of my beta readers?  

Beta Readers will need to:

1. Read the book in its entirety before making notes. (It is not long, 17 chapters written for a younger audience, an easy read).

2. Let me know the characters you relate with most, if any, and why and if there are any characters that bug you, I want to hear about it. Tell me why.

3. Let me know if I can make something clearer at any point & point out any inconsistencies you find.  

5.  If you have a 10-14 year old who enjoys reading in your household, please consider letting them read it and ask them for their input, and share it with me. Keep in mind as you are reading this, 10 - 14 year olds are my intended audience.  

6. If you catch an editing issue, feel free to make a note of it to me, but the book will be edited by a professional editor.  

7. Keep in mind this is intended to be a chapter book, not a graphic novel or comic book (yet).

8. Please send me your email where I should send the PDF of the full book no later than April 10.

Here are chapters 1-6 for you to check out:

This is the first book in a series. The characters are based on people I know and love. In fact, some of you might find yourself in the book.  ;-) My daughter is 13 now, and she is working on the artwork for the chapters and cover of the book. I hope you'll consider joining us on this next adventure!

All beta readers of Book 1 who participate according to the rules above will receive a note of thanks inside the book, a signed copy of the book, and a character in Book 2 of the series. Contact me no later than  April 10 to participate.



PS  I have included 6 chapters of the book for you in the box link.  If you decide you wish to participate as a beta reader, please write me back and let me know. I will email you the rest of the book in a PDF format. Serious beta readers only, please, who are willing to read the book in its entirety and give honest input. PARTICIPATING BETA READERS DEADLINE to read and send me notes is April 30th. You can send me your email in a PM on Facebook, or tweet a message privately on Twitter, or through my website contact page:



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