FREE to fall

Hey friends!

Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow US citizens! If you aren't from USA, that's okay.... have a party anyway!

We celebrate FREEDOM this month and I'm posting a FREE song for you!

I wrote this song at the same time that I was writing a devotional book,  "Fire Lilies - Out of the Ashes" The song applies so perfectly to my current situation, and I hope it brings you peace, too.

I recently heard someone give a definition of faith that resonated with me, "Leaning all your weight against someone else, trusting that they will break your fall and carry your weight."  What a cool way to describe that intangible, yet powerful word we often sing songs about.

Today, I don't know where my family is going to live next month.  At this moment I wait to hear from our realtor, to find out whether or not a potential buyer for our home has accepted our counter offer.  If the offer is accepted, we have this month to find a place to rent in Washington state, which we will live in while our home is being built. We also wait to hear from our well driller, who we hope will begin drilling any day now! The clock is ticking, and we are feeling the pressure build as deadlines are coming at us fast! 

There are a whole lot of scary unknowns. It is exciting, and yes, terrifying! all at once. But I do believe that this is the right step of faith our family is supposed to take.  We know plenty of friends and family members who believe we are crazy.  Uprooting a family is not something you do every day. Many people don't know that this huge decision to buy land and move to Washington, and pass on the baton of leadership at our church here in California, actually formulated in us several years ago. Only those who know us extremely well, are aware of the years of prayer and waiting we have endured before embarking on this adventure.

As doubters question our sanity, I can only explain that I believe that the One who we put our faith in will take care of us. He has never let us down before, and He is a good Father.  Today, in the midst of all the chaos and noise, I sense a peace that is difficult to describe, unless you have known it. 

Today I am remembering that my Heavenly Father's timing is perfect. His love covers ALL. His arms are humungous and they can definitely carry my family, as well as every loved one who we will leave behind here. In fact, if He is leading us somewhere else, then surely every single soul who is impacted by this move will benefit from it. 

Blogs are so great, because they serve as a reminder to me.. No doubt my teensy brain is soon going to forget what I am writing today. I hope this little reminder that I write for myself serves as an encouragement to you today.  

As you celebrate freedom tomorrow, remember you are free because of our amazing Creator and all he has done for you. You are free to fall into His arms, and trust He is strong enough to carry your weight.  


Kim Krenik

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