Writing and Behaving Thyself 

 "Fire Lilies ~ Out of the Ashes" .   

I went through a difficult season for about seven years, where I decided to journal in excess. It kept me out of trouble.  At some point along the way, I realized some of what I was writing would benefit others to read.  

The first people who came to mind were my children, when they are older.   

The next people who came to mind were wives of ministry leaders and pastors, who I know feel very alone in this world a great deal of the time. I even toyed with the idea of calling the book, "The Pastor's Wive's Chronicles." 

Then a couple of my close and dear friends (neither were pastor's wives nor in ministry) were the first I shared with, and they encouraged me to finish the writing and put it in book form. They wanted it. So, I decided to write it for a broader audience.  

One of these friends I shared with early on was Allison Simpson. I am so thankful for her incredible encouragement. Her words propelled me into action so many times when I wanted to give up. Especially when I faced a wall of frustration due to trying to figure out formatting the book! Some people use their words for empowering and building up others, some tear down. My friend Ali is a beautiful soul who uses her words to breathe life into others.  

I hope and pray this book will be a blessing to the women (and men) who discover it.  I imagine this devotional will benefit mostly women, but I wrote it in a way that I hope will not exclude men.  

I share my stories, some of my struggles, and offer encouragement and life coaching.  I also challenge those who want to use this book to make changes in their life.  I hope it will be a great tool for women's bible study groups.  This can be used as a 10 week study, and it can easily be stretched over 12 weeks. 

I encourage you, if you are going through a struggle and not sure how to cope: try journaling. Or do something creative, whether painting, knitting, whatever. Find something to do that keeps you out of trouble. It has saved my neck a million times. 

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