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My album, "Deep Breath" is ready for you to discover! 

"Deep Breath" includes 14 songs I created with a collective of wonderful writers, producers, and artists. It features the voice talents of April Kelly, Paul OttenTamara BubbleJennifer EpperleyJanine de SouzaTen Summersets, and Ge Oh.  The producers on this project include Scott FreeColin RobinsonJon Ciorciari, Javier Silva, and Ge Oh. I love these people and love what we have created!

The album takes you through snippets of my life over the past few years. It has been a ride, moving out of my home state California to buy a 10 acre forest and build a new home in Western Washington.  I wrote the lyrics to  "This Our Home" with mixed emotions about saying goodbye to all I have ever known, and stepping into a brand new dream. I hired a very talented male vocalist to sing this as a duet with me. Scott Free is an amazing musician and producer, who I was privileged to work with on this. He played most of the instruments and sang BGVs. A very special addition to our BGV section were the sweet voices of my daughters, Bethany (when she was 8) and Keira (when she was 12). Their voices have already changed, and I am so thankful I was able to record them on this one!

"Roots" is about my childhood memories of my favorite oak tree I used to climb at Shannon Park in Dublin, California. This place where I once made a blood pact with a secret club also holds many memories for me.  It sits next to a creek where my friends and I used to catch polliwogs and pretend we were like Huck and Tom surviving on the Mississippi. I recall the earliest seeds of my faith in Jesus first took root up in that tree! I visited the park recently and saw how tall the old oak has grown. The boards that are nailed into the tree that used to be a foot from the ground is a good fifteen feet above my head now.

My darling Drew Barrymore lookalike friend, Janine de Souza, who always brings a healthy dose of laughter into my world, collaborated on a few songs for this project and was kind to lend her BGVs on a couple of the tunes. We met a few years ago at a Master Class for songwriters in Los Angeles, and we were both surprised to find out we lived close to each other in N. California. Up until then, all of our collaborations had been with fellow students online. We were thrilled to arrange an in-person cowriting session which led to the cannoli and coffee collaborations! Yes, Janine is a heap of fun person to write with. Maybe that is why so much of what we write turns out to be in a quirky pop kind of niche.  Our songs, "Feel Good Summer," and "Get Up and Go Shine," are produced and co-written with the wonderful Javier Silva, who played all instruments and whose band Ten Summersets brought in the groovy vibin' BGVs.  

“You Get Me” was a collaboration with Colin Robinson. The first time I worked with Colin was when I asked an online group of people (who I didn't know) if anyone was willing to collaborate and produce a song for me for a 5 day writing challenge. Colin responded right away that he would take the challenge, even though he had never worked with me before! I sent him the lyrics and melody in a voice memo, with no click or background music, and he created a full track using what I sent him. This became the quirky little 90's throwback song with a “together” theme. Colin is always up for any challenge, he meets deadlines, and he is always positive.  He is so easy and fun to work with. And I still haven't had a chance to meet him in person!  

"Deep Breath Sparkle" and "La-La Together" were both produced by Colin. He played all instruments except for the piano/keyboards. He is a smashing drummer, in fact he is one of the drummers for The Blue Man Group in Universal Orlando. But equally awesome is his guitar-playing ability.

The lyrics to "Deep Breath Sparkle" were first inspired by Kate Gardner, who runs Blush Photography and does my photo shoots.  She would say, "Take a deep breath in, then breathe out slow" and then she would snap a shot of me.  As I penned the lyrics in their entirety, my Mom and my kids were on my heart.  It is the title song, because it is my prayer that this project will be a breath of fresh hope for those who hear the songs.  

"La-La Together" was written before Covid was even imagined. Who knew?

"Come Alive," "Yum Yum Life," and "Standing Out," were collaborations by Janine de Souza, Colin Robinson, and I.  "Yum Yum" was actually a top line to one of Colin's already recorded music tracks. Janine and I gave it lyrics and a melody, and Colin produced.

"Rise Up" was written with my beautiful friend Jennifer Epperley, joined by Colin Robinson again as co-writer and producer.  This song features Jen's exquisite vocals. The lyrics came during a painful time - literally and mentally for me, when I broke my foot in the middle of preparing to move; emotionally painful for Jen, as she was going through a divorce and heartbreak. The song reflects our mindset as we both found our strength to rise up through our trials because of our  faith in Christ. 

Ahhh Ge Oh! Rapper with a heart that is GOLDEN, producer who has a special kind of magic, and COACH who gets me to try things I haven't tried before! "Light It Up" is a perfect example of Ge Oh inspiring me to embrace a new genre. I'm so thankful for his encouragement and for the songs we have written. But wait, I have to mention that Janine de Souza was IN ON THIS ONE TOO! Needless to tell you - it was whole lotta fun!

Another song on the album that was great fun to create is "Lucky,"  written by Jennifer Epperley, Tamara Bubble, and me and produced by Colin Robinson. Colin brought in his friend Dave Westerkov on trumpet for this one. This fun song contrasts the mindsets of people who believe it is simply luck that leads to success, verses people who believe it is blood, sweat, and tears that pay off. It builds to a female rap by Tamara Bubble on the last verse and then Ms. Bubble wraps it up with her punchy line, "you can keep those lucky charms tucked, cos I don't need em." SIZZLE!

The grand finale of the album is "Invincible," the first song I co-wrote when I was taking my first course on writing songs for film and tv.  I am incredibly pleased with this song that rings out the message, “Together we are strong!” That song would not have taken shape if it weren't for two brilliant people, both with immense talent and golden hearts, who I now call dear friends. April Kelly, who co-wrote and sang, and Jon Ciorciari, who played all instruments and produced. Jon - who encouraged me to sing a G above high C in my chest voice – is an all-around amazing producer. I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them both.  

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KimMarie Krenik‘s musical journey has taken her around the globe, across swinging bridges in remote villages in Thailand, into public squares throughout Europe and Great Britain, and even down Main Street, USA with her friends Mickey and Minny.  Kim Marie Krenik (a.k.a. Kimberly Knox) has appeared as a television actress (Beverly Hills 90210, The Drew Carey Show, Lois and Clark) and has had moments of stage bliss playing many roles, including Abigail Williams in "The Crucible," Mary Magdelene in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and Anne in "A Little Night Music."  

Kim’s passion is to create music that is a beacon of hope and healing.  Writing music to encourage herself and others in their faith journey has been her life long passion, and she continues  to serve her church community as a worshiper and songwriter.   A few years ago, Kim began writing for the film, tv and ad world. Collaborating with other writers has been a transforming experience for her, and learning to write new styles and choose universal lyrics has caused her to step outside of her own mind to better empathize with others' experiences and stories. Her faith in the power of God's immense and transcending love grows all the more strong through the process of collaborating with others.

Kim is an author of a Women’s Devotional, as well as a tween fantasy book series (coming soon). If you want to hear more about Kim’s faith journey, you can read her book, Fire Lilies - Out of the Ashes, (women's devotional and scripture study) available on Amazon.  

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Deep Breath

Kim Krenik

Deep Breath by Kim Krenik is a full length album featuring a collective of artists and producers with 14 inspirational pop songs.

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The Lion: The Lion CD
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The Lion: The Lion CD

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"Call Me Crazy" "The Lion" "Down Before Him" "Call Me Crazy" (Accompaniment track) "The Lion" (Accompaniment track) "The Lion" (4-minute shortened version)

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Lover of My Soul: CD
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Lover of My Soul: CD

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Lover of My Soul: CD

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Hard copy of the full album, shipped to you!

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The Mighty and the Iris: CD
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The Mighty and the Iris: CD

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Kim's debut album features 12 eclectic songs, along with the talents of Jim Hurley on violin, Rico Fazzio on saxophone, and Spencer Chan on piano. Ted Leonard (Spock's Beard), Douglas Ott (Enchant), Jonathan Johnson. and Jackson Jackson lended their talents as producers and players, and it was mixed by Tom Size.

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