From the recording August Moonrise

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King of Deception

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your shoes are leaving stains on my floor
no invitation and you barge through my door
acting like we're still friends
you play me like a rabbit in your magic show
tip your black hat over as you pull out a rose
well, I won't be taken in
You're the king of deception
And I wanted to believe you loved me
Master of misdirection
With an ace of hearts up your sleeve
I was a fool, I was a fool, I was a fool
To fall for you, to fall for you, to fall for you

Tag 1:
Well, don't come around here no more
Take your bag of tricks with you out the door

your flashy eyes and your twisted smile
had a hold on me for a little while
but charm is fleeting and it fled
the whole world loves you, so unaware
poor blind souls get caught in your snare
you bleed hearts dry and leave them for dead

and now we're through, through, through
I finally saw true true true
I opened my eyes and saw the light
you cannot hide your little white lies
your little white lies...

tag 2:
This is the end of the show,
Take your bag of tricks with you when you go