Written by Kim Krenik
Produced by Jackson Jackson at
Trixie Studios in Vancouver, WA


I'm leaning into you
Before the branch breaks off
I've done all that I can
And now I'm leaning
I feel the gusting wind
Trying to throw me off
Pressing at my resolve
So I'm leaning
I can't hold on anymore
I can't stand against this storm
Need some divine intervention
So I'm leaning your direction
Leaning into you

verse 2
This limb that used to snap
Is learning how to bend
Discovering how to trust again

Like a shelter on a mountain's edge
When the rains come down, I climb into it
I'm leaning into you
Like a cradle out in the raging sea
When the waves try to devour me
I'm leaning into you
When the thunder roars and I'm all alone
I have a place to hide, I know just where I'll go
I'm leaning into you
When the lightning strikes and I'm in the dark
You're the calming voice, you're the burning spark
I'm leaning into you....