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  1. Just One Thing

From the recording Just One Thing

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Just One Thing

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Produced by Scott Free
Written by Kim Krenik and Scott Free
Vocals by: Kim
BGVs: Kim and Scott
Instruments all by Scott


Verse 1:
Downtown on his great big chair sat dear old Santa Claus
He said, "Come right over here and tell me what you want"
And so I told him, told him my secret wish
I hope that Santa finds my name on his list


(There’s) just one thing I’m askin for on
Just one thing, my one wish
Just one thing and nothing more
That I want for Christmas
Honey honey you
You are my Just One Thing

Verse 2:
I don't want no diamond rings, I don't need possessions
Holding you is my big dream, my only real obsession
Hopin' St Nick has some real strong magic
I don't doubt it, I believe love'll win


Oh oh oh you could be my miracle, miracle
Oh oh oh you're the one I've waited for, waited for
Oh oh oh baby it's cold here on the storm, in the storm
Oh oh oh oh you could be the one, the one to keep me warm
Under the mistletoe next to me, here we go

Just one thing (just a-one just a -one) repeat