1. Headed Home

From the recording August Moonrise

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Headed Home

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Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Jackson Jackson at Trixie Studios in Vancouver, WA
Written by Lauren Spring (BMI), Kim Krenik (BMI), and Jackson Jackson (BMI)

Lead Vocals, drums, bass and guitars by Jackson
BGVs by Lauren and Kim
Violin and Mandolin by Lauren
Synthesizers by Kim


Verse 1:
Driving home
Flying past
Roadside Memories
I wonder why
I ever had to go
Eyes glow brighter with each mile
'Cause I know I'm on my way

I'm headed home

Verse 2:
Going home
After being gone
For so long
It would feel
So good to be known
I'm going where
The porch light is always on


I'm on my way on my way
to where the light is on. (repeat)