A Kilanin Christmas


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An EP of familiar and original Christmas songs by Kilanin.

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    Happy Birthday Kitty Conga

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Kilanin is a musical trio produced by Colin Robinson of Blue Man Group Orlando and Cirque de Soleil, and featuring the sultry and interesting blend of vocals by Carolan Deacon and Kim Krenik.  Their music has been described as a sonic rush of powerful, sensuous female vocals soaring over juicy, beat-driven musical landscapes. The three artists have a passion for creating dynamic songs that evoke strong emotion and they enjoy experimenting with voices, effects, and rhythms.


Originally from Huntsville Ontario, Colin Robinson is a full time drummer with Blue Man Group in Orlando, Florida. He has been playing since he was 14 years old, and professionally since about 18 years of age. His first instrument was guitar, and later took piano lessons, but drumming is what he pursued professionally. He studied music in Toronto, at Humber College, graduating with honors. He writes and produces music from his home studio, working with many talented co-writers.  Colin has released solo projects under his own name, as well as music he has produced. His music has been chosen for various catalogs and music libraries, available for licensing on all media platforms.


Carolan Deacon is a grateful award winning vocalist and writer. As a performer, she’s been fortunate to have shared the stage with artists such as Martina McBride, Aaron Tippin, Amy Steinberg and other international artists. She releases music under her own name, as well as being a member of Kilanin. She is also a life coach, and helps develop other artists. When she isn't making music, she can be found watching Harry Potter movies for the 100th time with her little girl.


Born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay Area, Kim started singing and acting as a child. She made up songs and entertained anyone who would listen. That was back in the 1900’s. Today, phones look and act different. Hotels have robots. But Kim is still making up songs and sharing them with anyone who will listen. She writes songs and stories, sings, plays keyboards, and produces music in her home studio.